Heating Things Up in the Kitchen


It’s fun to shed taboos and expand the sexual repertoire by cooking things up in the kitchen. This warm inviting room offers plenty of places to play. Light candles, turn on some sultry tunes and set the mood, or allow inner passions to spontaneously guide you.

Meet your partner in lingerie, a sexy robe, or an apron with nothing underneath. Perhaps sitting on the kitchen counter or a bar stool. Have a plate of finger foods by your side. Maybe your lover would enjoy being hand fed by you.

The best foreplay food is of the sweet variety. Choose your favorite sensual fruits like strawberries, raspberries, mangos, papayas or peaches. Fresh figs are wonderful too. These can be paired with whipped cream, honey, chocolate sauce and other sensual treats to be licked, nibbled and sucked off each other. Chocolate truffles are a deliciously decadent addition to kisses. Just remember to avoid putting foods too close to the genitals because it could lead to infections and memories you won't want to make. Also avoid spicy foods, which can burn the skin and ruin the mood.

If you want this to be closer to a real meal, sushi can be a great sensual finger food to share, but you may want to opt for cooked rolls. Oysters are a known aphrodisiac. Whatever you choose, keep food options light, so neither of you end up too full or lazy.

Sitting on a countertop can be an ideal, sexy place to play. If countertops do not give you the optimal sex angles, use them as support. The kitchen lends itself to standing positions, like being taken from behind while bent over a counter, sink, or chair. While dishwasher doors provide a great footstool, doors have been broken this way, so be careful. Kitchen floors tend to have hard tiles, so you may want to have a blanket handy if that's your intent for later. Protect knees and backs with towels or pillows.

Playing in different realms is an excellent way to keep your sex life fresh, fun and fulfilling. Don’t let a need for setting up an inviting environment dissuade you. You can always take your partner by surprise, pin them against the wall, no set-up required. You are only as limited as your imagination. So let go, get creative and cook up something spicy in the kitchen tonight!