Hottest Sex Positions to De-stress


When Datezie recently included me on their “Most Influential Dating Experts of 2019” list, they called me the sexpert who “will teach you about super X-rated sex positions.” I am thrilled and humbled by this hot recognition, so to celebrate, I am offering you my Hottest Sex Positions to Destress.

Sex is a fantastic and healthy way to decrease stress because orgasms lower stress hormones while flooding the body with feel-good hormones. So, here are some sexy proven positions to put a smile on your face and melt that stress away.

Bent over the furniture- What better way to get your mind off those worries than to be taken by your lover while bent over a chair, couch, dining room table. Pressed passionately against the wall works too. Hands-free gives you the ability to touch and tantalize each other as well as add clitoral stimulation to ensure a blissful, stress-reducing ending for her.

Shower sex- The combination of warm water and delicious soapy fun with your lover makes this a winner for letting stress slip away. And while it’s not technically a position, it’s too satisfying not to include. Just prevent potential shower accidents by avoiding awkward positioning (like feet on the soap holder), and enjoy the sweet closeness you two can enjoy in this invitingly wet space.

High Rise- After enough play that you’re both super aroused, elevate your game with this raised missionary position. The receiver is on their back with legs raised. Support pillows can be added, which will also provide better A-spot or prostate stimulation. The receiver can rest their ankles on their lover’s shoulders to help support and angle. This is a great position for deep penetration guaranteed to take both your minds off everything else. Deeper penetration can lead to full-body orgasms. What stress?

Merry Mountain- For those seeking a deeper climb into pleasure together! The person being penetrated lies down on their stomach with legs straight and hips raised slightly. Feel free to add pillows for support. The giver takes their lover from behind, which allows for deep access. It only takes subtle adjustments of the receiver's hips to find the sweet spots to allow for maximum pleasure.

Wheelbarrow- Combine stress-reducing with a workout using this hot sex position that will leave you getting peaceful sleep tonight. Even if you don't have the upper arm strength to pull off classic wheelbarrow, there are variations that will offer you just as much pleasure. And it’s fun just to try. The receiver can stand stretched out in downward dog, or resting on their elbows with their hips and chest supported by pillows. The elevation of their hips offers the perfect angles so both people can experience immense pleasure. It’s best to do standing wheelbarrow variations on the floor, as beds can be broken in this position.

Yab Yum- This classic Tantric position is a favorite because it offers closeness and depth that can lead to mind-bending orgasms and a strengthened partnership. The giver can sit either crossed legged or with their legs outstretched. Or they can sit at the end of the bed or couch. The receiver sits on their partner's lap, facing each other. This slow, intimate position is the zen of sex. Couples can look into each other's eyes, kiss, synchronize their breathing and connect deeply. It also offers great G-spot stimulation for her, as well as the opportunity for her to set the pace and depth. With all of the pleasure and possible transcendence this position can offer, your stress may be kicked to the curb for quite awhile.

Spooning - This intimate position will allow you both to feel close to each other, and it’s very soothing for the nervous system. With the receiver on their side, the giver curls around their partner and penetrates them. Small adjustments can easily be made to legs and hips to help you both find the yummiest pleasure points. The giver can sweet or naughty talk in their partner's ear, nuzzle their neck and connect in a loving way that'll bring you closer together and leave you both feeling nourished and satisfied.

Which positions will you explore tonight?