Sophia Space: How to Navigate Change

Between the intention and creation, there is a space. If this space didn’t exist, our thoughts would be mirrored back to us in a flash, and life would get really messy. Fortunately, the Universe is intelligently designed, so as all of life circles ‘round, we will invariably come to find ourselves in a between space, whereby chapters in our lives come to a close and new ones unfold. I’ve come to know this interval as the Sophia Space.

 You may know Sophia/Sofia as a Christian saint, the Greek word for wisdom, or the Jungian term for the integrated anima. Sophia is also the inner knowing, intuition, and space between the directed desires and manifestation of the intent. Endings are still coming to a close, the expansive new dances in possibilities, and the whole thing can be pretty darn scary.

We are always welcome to a new beginning, from wherever we are in life, but letting this unfold organically can feel tricky. Let’s be honest. Sitting within the unknown of Sophia Space can get really uncomfortable, and may lead to feelings of fear, panic, confusion, and frustration. It’s supposed to. What? Yep. It takes courage and persistence to follow our dreams, and stepping into the unknown isn’t easy. But, life is too short not to fill it with our passions, and that which we love.

in the mystery.jpg


Every ending of a chapter in our lives is the beginning of a new one waiting to be written. When I’m swirling in Sophia Space and fears begin to creep in, that’s when I know that I’m getting close. Surrender. Trust. Everything is going to be alright. Remember to keep breathing, and keep moving forward. Remember that ‘Sophia’ is inherent wisdom, and allow that to comfort you in these times of upheaval.

As conscious creators, our thoughts, actions and intentions are reflected back to us, attracting new people, situations and opportunities in accord with the energy we’ve been putting out. We get what we expect in life, and we all deserve the very best. When Sophia Space arrives in your life, remember that there’s an inner knowing which will assist you, if you’re willing to still the fearful mind swells in silence and tune inward. Stay grounded, following your heart’s callings and innate wisdom.

 When we’re willing to focus upon the desired goals, resisting bad habits and limiting belief systems, and showing up for the opportunities as they arrive, we can ensure that we will move toward the unfolding new life chapters in the best way possible. Imagine your best life, and then bring it into being as the powerful Creator/Creatrix you are. You can do it! I believe in you.