6 Things Science Says That People in Happy Relationships Do

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More often than not, people in happy relationships see their partner as a best friend.

They are committed to maintaining healthy communication and view any disagreements that arise as normal, healthy challenges and have the resolve to work through them together. Being able to know what to overlook is really important, as is an avoidance of being critical of one's partner. Loving, fulfilled couples support one another, cherishing each other's wins, and valuing intimacy. No matter how busy life gets, they make time for each other, and often have regular weekly or monthly date nights. They also know the importance of taking time for solo activities and allowing for personal space apart from their partner. 

1.) Positivity for the win. It should go without saying, but studies indicate that there’s a positive affect on the relationship when individuals take good care of their personal health and well-being, and maintain a positive life view. A 2014 study conducted by the University of Chicago showed that there was less conflict in the relationship when husbands maintained a positive attitude.

2.) Intimacy will help keep you connected. Intimacy is far more than sex, it is an emotional and physical closeness that fosters love and attachment through bonding chemicals, such as oxytocin. Numerous studies show the importance of regular intimate contact with your partner to help keep the relationship strong and happy. So snuggle up!

3.) The chores get shared. A study by Pew Research Center indicated that when couples shared household chores they had a happier relationship. Whenever couples contribute to the home in a way that feels fair and balanced to you both, there’ll always be greater harmony.  

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4.) Date nights. A recent study conducted in the UK indicated that when married couples had at least one date night per month they were less likely to break up. Similar studies found similar results. By making time for one another, couples reinforced the importance of the relationship to themselves and each other.

5.) Solo time is also key. While doing things together is a great way to stay bonded, it’s also important to take time on one’s own. It’s imperative to maintain a sense of individuality and have your own hobbies and interests. Science supports that when people take time for themselves, it contributes to both the individual’s happiness and their feelings towards their love relationship.  

6.) Have your own friends. It’s important to have friends outside of your relationship. Trying to rely solely on one’s partner for emotional support puts a lot of stress on partners. Studies indicate that when people have family and friends with whom they can talk, it contributes to the health and happiness of their love relationship.

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