Who Uses Sex Toys

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While the mention of sex toys continues to evoke feelings of embarrassment for some, the truth is that far more people use sex toys than conventional wisdom might suggest.

Vibrator sales are on the rise, and these adult novelty products are more readily available than ever. It’s actually a multi-billion dollar industry.

So who’s using sex toys? 

Recent studies show that over half of women and nearly half of all men use sex toys.

Odds are that partners are using vibrators together. In fact, surveys have determined that 81% of women and 91% of men have used sex toys as part of their intimate moments together. Ninety percent of couples reported they are open about sex toy usage with their partners. Additionally, vibrator users in a relationship reported they did not feel sex toys were a substitute for a partner. In fact, since most women cannot orgasm from intercourse alone, incorporating a sex toy is advisable.

Statistics show that the comfort level of sex toy usage is increasing with each generation. 

Odds are your neighborhood soccer mom uses sex toys. Many celebrities have openly discussed their sex toy usage. Aunt Jane should feel comfortable talking with Uncle Bill about adding vibrators into their bedroom repertoire. Multiple top sex toy companies report that sex toy sales are highest in the north eastern states, with Vermont and New Hampshire topping the list. While most of the country prefers vibrators, bondage tape is shown to be most popular in Texas, butt plugs in Alaska and strap-ons are number one sellers in California and New York.

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Studies show that vibrator users:


  • At least half of all women between the ages of 18-60 report using a vibrator

  • Use of vibrators was associated with health-promotion and positive sexual function

  • Women who had recently used a vibrator scored higher in overall sexuality cycles (desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, comfort)

  • 78% of women who use vibrators are in a relationship


  • 45% of men, both heterosexual and gay or bi, incorporated a vibrator into sexual activities

  • Use of vibrators was associated with health-promotion and positive sexual function

  • 91% of heterosexual men who’d reported using a vibrator did so with their female partner

Mainstream sex toy acceptance has been propelled by the steady increase in production and availability, along with popularity of pop culture phenomena like 50 Shades, which has opened discussions around sexuality and kink. Sales of sex toys continue to increase, with a vast, ever-growing product line available for every budget and flavor. Discreet options are plentiful, lending to the comfort of apprehensive and new customers. Long gone are the days of needing to purchase vibrators from a seedy adult novelty store. Customers can feel safe purchasing vibrators and other amazing toys with a few clicks, from the comfort of their homes. Sex toys contribute to sexual satisfaction, overall sexual health and wellness, and certainly aren’t just for a select few. They’re for everyone.