Nature is Waiting for You 

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One of your most nourishing, replenishing, and inspiring resources is right outside your door but it can be easy to ignore it in favor of technology and staying overly busy.

The resource I’m referring to is nature, and it’s likely you’ve been neglecting it as you go through days filled with deadlines, social media check-ins, and constant demands on your time and attention. 

The good news is, nature is waiting for you to reconnect with it and you can do so with just a few tweaks to your daily schedule. Whether you live in the city or the country, you’re not far from the natural wonder of nature. In the city, you can find a park, lake, or tree-lined neighborhood where you can still reconnect with nature and channel the power of her peace and beauty. Here are some easy ways I began reconnecting with nature that have made a significant impact on my life.

Take Daily Walks

It’s amazing how much a short daily walk in nature can re-ignite your connection to the universe and open your eyes to the beauty of the natural world. When I started taking daily walks, one of the first things I noticed was how many animals started showing up to greet me. One day, a large iridescent green hummingbird accompanied me for part of my journey. On another occasion, two butterflies danced in front of my path. These animal encounters were a sign that my presence was welcome and that true beauty was right in front of my eyes.

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Pay Attention

Simply paying more attention when you’re outdoors can make a huge impact on how connected you are to nature. When you’re outside, pause to take in the sights, smells, and sounds that are present. What colors stand out to you? What shapes speak to you? What smells trigger memories or spark your creativity? On my daily walks, I don’t listen to music or get lost in my thoughts. I turn up my senses so I can take in everything nature is trying to show me. If you don’t pay attention, spending time in nature will have a far less powerful impact. 

Record Your Experiences in a Journal 

After my daily walks, I take ten or twenty minutes to jot down my experiences in a journal. This helps me focus on what I encountered and learned and is valuable to go back and look for patterns that are developing. I focus on the animals that joined me on each adventure, what sounds and sights were especially impactful for me that day, and how I felt during and after my walk. When you make journal entries a habit after each journey into nature, you will be able to tap into the meaning of your experiences and strengthen your bond with nature.

Disconnection from nature can result in anxiety, stress, and an inability to appreciate all the beauty and wonder that surrounds you on a daily basis. Fortunately, it’s easy to reconnect by simply taking daily walks and paying attention to what you experience. This is an easy place to start and you can build on these adventures as you become more in tune with the outside world. 

Elevated LifeAntonia Hall