A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis and Sex, an Interview with Sophie Saint Thomas


As more US states decriminalize cannabis for medical and recreation use, people are finding that there are many ways to utilize the plant’s benefits, including boosting your sex life. 

Cannabis can help you slow down, relax into your body and be more mindful, all of which can increase pleasure and enhance intimacy with your partner. But where does one begin?

I sat down with Sophie Saint Thomas, whose book, Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis for Self-Care is available now for pre-order. Sophie writes about sex and drugs for publications like GQAllure, and Playboy

Hi, Sophie! First, can you explain the difference between CBD and THC and let us know which might be better for enhancing pleasure?

Both CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are of the more than 100 cannabinoids, or chemical compounds, found within the cannabis plant. Because cannabis is still a Schedule I substance, the research on these cannabinoids is limited and we desperately need more to fully understand their properties. There is a slew of misinformation out there. THC is responsible for weed's signature high. It produces euphoria, altered and heightened senses, in addition to dry mouth and paranoia when over-consumed. CBD is associated with calming and anti-anxiety effects. Because marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, many companies have jumped on the trendy cannabis train by extracting CBD, often as an isolate, from the hemp plant. While there's nothing "wrong" with this, there are some things to know. There's an expression called "the entourage effect," which indicates that all these cannabinoids work best together, either as whole plant, or "full-spectrum" products. Personally, I find that cannabis is best for enhancing pleasure when you have both THC and CBD, either as an edible, joint, or full-spectrum cannabis product, but until we legalize on a federal level, this is not an option for those in non-legal states. 

With so many different forms of cannabis available, it can be a little overwhelming. Does the type of strain and method of ingesting matter when you’re mixing cannabis with sex?

It does matter, but it's not a one-size-fits-all model.  Some people need help getting energized, and enjoy the euphoric effects of THC, so will enjoy stoned sex the best with a euphoric high. Others want to quell anxiety yet be fully present, and therefore would do better with a higher CBD or non-psychoactive option. There are products out there created specifically for sex, from vape pens to topicals, however in my experience, everyone's brain and needs are so different that which cannabis to use for sex is a highly personal and varied decision. The best way to find the best product for you is to speak to a medical marijuana doctor, although since cannabis is so safe, as long as you're with a trusted partner, there's not much risk in experimenting.  

What about massage oils, lubes or suppositories that contain cannabis? Is that a good place for beginners to start?

Absolutely. Cannabis does so much more than get your brain high. The use of such topicals are non-psychoactive but can relieve pain without numbing you out, encourage blood flow and more intense orgasms, and work as an anti-inflammatory.  

What can people expect when having sex high for the first time? Are there things people need to be careful of when mixing cannabis and sex?

People can expect to bond on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels with their partners and more intense orgasms. If you're using a psychoactive form of cannabis, start small. You can always take more, but consuming, especially through edibles, too much THC can lead to anxiety, so start small. While cannabis is extremely safe, any psychoactive substance can affect our ability to give consent. Make sure to communicate with your partner how you're feeling, and keep them in the loop regarding any substance you take. 

Any other recommendations or words of advice?

CBD is trendy, but don't forget about THC. In my experience, even products with a little bit of THC are more effective that solely CBD. Many of us had bad experiences with weed when we were younger because we took too much, we took the wrong kind, or we were in a bad environment. If you have access to THC products, start small, with a vape or a 5mg edible, and give it another shot in a kind and supportive environment. CBD can lower the effects of THC, so keep a bottle of CBD tincture around to use if you accidentally overconsume. However, once you find the right THC dose for you, a little psychoactive enjoyment never hurt anyone when it comes to cannabis. Times have changed and there really is a product, method of consumption, and correct dosage out there for everyone. 

This is such helpful information, Sophie. Thank you so much!

Check out Sophie’s website, or connect with her on twitter or IG.