Is Cardio the Key to Sexual Longevity?

We all want our sexual functioning to have the greatest longevity possible. Will men be able to get and keep an erection? Will women’s pleasure potentials persist? 

Cosmopolitan magazine recently published an article based on a survey of millennial men regarding Erectile Dysfunction (ED). An astounding 80% of survey respondents had experienced ED at least once. So clearly ED is a concern that spans the gamut of adult men. 

Cosmopolitan also surveyed 2,300 women aged 18-40, and 67% of respondents said they had faked an orgasm with a partner. This is consistent with many other studies that indicate women are not experiencing the sexual satisfaction they deserve.

It makes sense that moving the body is critical for our overall well-being, and now science is corroborating that truth for our sexual health, too. 

According to a new study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, including an intense cardio workout in one’s weekly schedule increases sexual function for both men and women. The study asked just over six thousand participants from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom about their exercise habits, sexual functioning and arousal levels.

Researchers looked at participants who swam, ran or biked to determine if an increase in weekly exercise would lower ED rates in men, and increase sexual satisfaction in women. 

The results were promising for men and women of any age. Men had a reduced odds of ED, and women had a statistically significant increase in their arousal and sexual satisfaction levels. Additionally, men who burned at least 8,260 calories each week lowered their chance of ED by 22%.

Interestingly, the median participant age was 40, which bodes well for aging and sexual function in those willing to move their bodies. Not surprisingly, getting ample blood flow clearly makes a difference in sexual health. 

One of the biggest complaints I hear from midlife women is that sex has become uncomfortable. Often extra foreplay and a high quality water-based lube can help, but it’s imperative that her body also gets proper blood flow, and a regular cardio routine does the trick. 

Bottom line: both men and women benefit from increased activity and extra blood flow. He’ll likely have better erections, and she’ll experience greater arousal and more satisfaction. Quite a nice benefit from a bit of exercise your body wanted anyway. 

Why else is exercise beneficial? Exercising gets you into your body, so you can feel stronger, sexier and more at ease when you get naked with your partner. It also clears your mind, reducing stress and anxiety which can otherwise get in the way of sexual functioning and pleasure.

So get moving! For the sake of your body, sexual health, and future lover(s). Jog, bike, walk, swim, jump, bounce, hike, skate, dance, skip, practice yoga (hello, extra flexibility!). Do whatever brings more joy into your life to increase blood flow and vitality.