Fun Ways to Celebrate National Orgasm Day 

in bed woman.jpg

It’s warm, energies are surging, and right in the middle of summer we have National Orgasm Day on July 31. What better way to heat things up than a mid-summer pleasure session or few? 

I’m not going to get cheesy and tell you that National Orgasm Day should be every day, but the people of this nation would be a lot happier and healthier if it were. ;-) 

Here are some fun ways to celebrate National Orgasm Day: 

Explore new angles. If you’ve always masturbated on your back, try lying on your stomach and slowly rubbing against the bed, pillow or your hands to stimulate yourself. The addition of a pillow beneath the hips or the belly can help provide the perfect way to access sweet spots you may not even have known you’d love. 

Pleasure each other. Either take turns with your partner or mutually masturbate each other to climax. If you haven’t masturbated together before, this can be a fantastic opportunity to show your lover what you like and learn more about what feels good to them. Watch their arousal levels build, and notice how their rhythm changes. The more you know, the more pleasure you can give and receive.

Try a new sex toy. Perhaps you are already a user of sex toys, or maybe National Orgasm Day is the perfect excuse to expand your repertoire. There are many varieties of toys out there for penises, vaginas, anal pleasure, sensation and BDSM play, and for couples to use together. Most clitorises appreciate the extra stimulation that’s often required to reach orgasm. 

Include ice. Don’t let the summer heat keep you from orgasmic pleasure. Sensation play, like using ice to stimulate and tease nerve endings, can increase the intensity of your orgasms. Alone or partnered, place a towel down on your play surface and let the ice melt away tensions, or at least distract you from life’s worries for a little while. Run ice along lips, the curve of the neck, nipples, inner thighs, the bottoms of feet and any other place that feels good (except never inside the vagina). Learn more sexy ice tricks and safety play here

Get multi-orgasmic. Whether you’re already multi-orgasmic or want to learn to be, challenge yourself to orgasm multiple times. I usually encourage people to focus on pleasure rather than an end goal, but since men and women are both capable of having multiple orgasms, I’d love for everyone to live up to their potential. Set your intention, then relax into just enjoying yourself. Even if you can’t reach multiple O’s yet, it’s certainly fun to try. 

Water sex. As many of us will find ourselves outdoors and at play in the water, it makes sense that water sex is a popular summer activity. Unfortunately, most bodies of water you’ll find yourself playing in will not be clean enough for delicate genital ecosystems. If you do find yourself getting it on in a pool, hot tub or ocean, be sure to shower off and urinate afterwards to prevent infection. Most women will appreciate the use of lube, as being submerged in water ironically strips away women’s natural moisture. Better yet, keep penetrative play in the shower, where you can have sexy soapy fun.

Happy National Orgasm Day, my Loves!