Sexy Ice Tricks to Thrill Your Partner Tonight


Summer is here, with its rising temps and easy breezy air of je ne sais quoi. What better time to add cooling ice play to your sexual activities? Ice is a light form of sensation play, called ‘temperature play’, that stimulates nerve endings to arouse your partner. 

Teasing delicate nerve endings with ice then following with your warm mouth will arouse your partner in thrilling ways. You might even want to blindfold your partner so their focus can more easily stay on the sensations in their body as you play. 

As with any sensation play, it’s important to pay attention to your partner’s responses and stay in communication with each other. Take the ice out of the freezer five to ten minutes before playtime. If the cubes are dripping a bit, they’ll glide over skin more easily. Be sure to watch your partner’s skin for excessive redness, and avoid keeping ice in any one place for too long. A ‘pins and needles’ sensation, or burning or painful stinging are all signs of the start of frostbite. The safest way to play with ice is also what will likely feel best to your partner: lightly tease a delicate area, stimulate it, then stop so the sensation appears and almost just as quickly disappears. Yummy!

Here are some delicious ways to simultaneously cool off and heat things up with ice.

Tingling body. Try running the ice cube along the length of the body before focusing on any one sweet spot. Start at the base of the neck and glide the ice cube down the back, stopping to stimulate the small of the back. Move between their thighs, or start at the toes and work your way back up your partner’s legs.

Focused chill. Trail ice along thinner skinned areas of the body. Inner wrists, the nape of the neck, and delicate genitals are all perfect places to tease. Just don’t stick ice inside the vagina, as it can ice burn the tissues. 
Cooling kisses. Pop an ice cube in your mouth before kissing your partner. Pass the ice back and forth, hiding it in corners of your mouth for your partner’s tongue to find before the cube dissolves. 

Titillation. Run the ice in circles around breasts before moving to tease nipples. Don’t be afraid to get a little wet. Let the slippery sensation of the melted ice add to the excitement when you rub against each other. 

Thrilling oral. Take turns giving each other thrilling chilling pleasure. Put an ice cube in your mouth and then place cooling kisses along the shaft of the penis or the sweet folds of the vulva of your partner. Your cool tongue will feel so good as it sets nerves ablaze. 

Ice play isn’t for everyone, but this wet summer-friendly practice is likely to create a playful environment between you and your partner. Your willingness to try something new together opens conversation for (and the likelihood of) trying more new things together. All of life is an experiment and expanding your sexual repertoire with your partner keeps things fresh, fun and far more fulfilling.