Quiet Sex Positions to Try When You're a Houseguest

Being a guest in other’s homes doesn’t have to hinder sexy time with your partner. Having to keep things quiet can actually be incredibly sexy, intimate and leave you feeling more connected than ever. But how can you keep from being heard?

Here are 6 sex positions to try when you’re a houseguest.

1. Floor sex- By taking things to the floor, you’ll considerably reduce your chances of being heard. Place a blanket on the floor to prevent carpet burn, or use a couple of blankets if it’s a hardwood floor. Having sex on the floor assures that there won’t be squeaking bed springs or the sounds of heavy thrusting others in the house could hear.

2. Standing- Taking your partner while you’re both standing is incredibly sexy, especially with the added challenge of keeping quiet. This is essentially doggie style, with the woman pressed against a wall or bent over furniture, like a solidly built chair or sofa. This position also allows for one of you to stimulate her clitoris for extra stimulation. Extra bonus if you can find a mirror to stand in front of for added hot visuals.

3. Shower Sex- Hopping into the shower together guarantees some uninterrupted sexy time. The sound of the water will keep you from being heard, and the hot, steamy environment can enhance your love making. Lather each other up, enjoy bringing each other pleasure and allow it to be a sensual getaway.

4. Side by side- This is a slower position, which is basically adjusting from spooning to sex. There’s not a lot of movement, which should assure that you’re not heard. It’s an intimate position, which frees up hands for exploring each other and adding clitoral stimulation for her added pleasure.

5. Reverse cowgirl - Find a solid piece of furniture or counter that gives you a comfortable height so that when he’s sitting on it she can easily lower herself onto him. The end of the bed is great if its springs aren’t loudly giving you both away. This is also a perfect position for adding fingers or a quiet sex toy for extra stimulation.

6. Oral sex - With one or both (69) of your mouths busy, there won’t be moans to be overheard. You’ll have peace of mind that others in the house can’t hear you, so take your time slowly giving each other intense pleasure.