7 Sensational Sex Toys You Have to Try

There are so many sex toys on the market. Where does one begin? I’ve broken down some of my favorites by category. Enjoy!

je joue mimi.jpg

Clitoral Vibrator: The Mimi by Je Joue

This is a sleek little vibe, made of velvety soft body-safe silicone. It feels good in the hand as well as run against delicate body parts. It has five vibration and pulse patterns, and is perfect for solo or partnered play. Move it around to see how its flat versus thinner areas feel different to you. One angle may feel better than others depending on where you place it. This isn’t the quietest toy, but it makes up for it in its beautiful simplicity, super soft feel, and effectiveness. The Mimi is perfect for beginning toy users who want a more luxurious experience than a simple bullet-type toy. But it will definitely be enjoyed by novice and advanced toy users alike. It’s USB rechargeable and cleans with ease.  


G-spot Vibrator: The Queen by Zalo

The Zalo Queen is not only a beautiful vibrator, it also provides a unique pleasure experience. With its gold detailing and real Swarovski embellishment, the Queen truly looks like a luxury vibrator. It uses PulseWave™ technology, which is unique to Zalo. I’m hopeful they’ll make more toys using this wave vibration motor because it feels amazing. While it is fantastic for G-spot pleasure, your clitoris will certainly love the sensation too. The Queen comes with a sleeve, that can be slipped over it for clitoral suction. It also heats up, which is particularly nice for G-spot play. You don’t need to thrust or move it once it’s inside of you, and it’s very quiet. It’s made from body-safe silicone so don’t use it with silicone lube. It lasts one to two hours before it requires USB recharging. It’s splash-proof and easy to clean.

duo d (1).jpg

Best for Blended Orgasms: Womanizer Duo

Once you get past the unfortunate company name, the Womanizer products are undeniably pleasurable. I was excited to try their latest model, the Duo, which features dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation. This is like a rabbit toy, with one part of the toy focused on your clitoris and the other on your G-spot, providing blended orgasms. The Womanizer’s toys don’t use vibration though. They use air pressure that mimics receiving oral sex. If you haven’t tried air suction toys before, I highly recommend you do. The Duo has 12 intensity levels and 10 vibration modes for both your clitoris and G-spot, controlled by two sets of buttons on the side. Another cool feature is standby mode, which means that the toy turns on when it’s in contact with your skin, and goes back to standby when you move it away from your body. This provides a quieter experience. It has a two-hour run time, is USB rechargeable, and is made from hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone. That means that you can use water or oil-based lubes with it, but not silicone lubes. The Duo is also waterproof, which makes it easier to clean.

Body Massager and More: The Bella by Rianne S

I couldn’t love the Bella more. I use it as a legit body massager, but it’s also a powerful orgasm-producing vibrator. This is one cute wand massager, but it also has a powerful motor. Made from body-safe silicone, it has ten vibration modes and is waterproof. The Bella is perfect for solo play and is also wonderful for shared pleasure. Couples can massage each other with it, then use it for stimulation during intercourse. It’s easy to clean, is USB rechargeable and has about a two-hour operating time. Want something even stronger? Rianne S also makes the Fembot, which they say is so strong you can leave your undies on. I believe them.

Wearable: The Vesper by Crave

The Vesper is a sophisticated, sleek little necklace that’s also a badass vibe. It’s made of stainless steel, with either a silver, 24K gold, or rose gold finish. I love my rose gold. I was surprised that such a small vibe could pack such power. It has 4-speeds and 2 modes (pulsing and constant), a 40-minute run time, and is USB rechargeable. It is safe to use with water or oil-based lubes, but not silicone lubes. Wearable vibrators are making a splash because they allow women to embrace their sexuality in an empowering way. The subtle design leaves it up to her whether or not she wants to tell others what her necklace is really capable of doing.


Best Travel Vibe: Womanizer 2Go

I wasn’t sure about the Womanizer 2Go’s design when I first saw it. Shaped like a giant lipstick, this vibe is lightweight and discreet, which makes it great for travel. Mine rarely goes anywhere, but it gets used often. This vibe is one of my favorites. There’s something about the wider soft silicone tip and upright design that allows for varied positioning resulting in huge orgasms, one after the next. Like all Womanizer products, it uses suction and air rather than vibration, which means your clit is less likely to get desensitized, as can happen with vibrating toys. It is USB rechargeable but is not the easiest to clean. I usually wash it with soap and water, let it dry, then clean it a second time with toy cleaner.

Rosalie (1).jpg

Prettiest Pleasure Tool: The Rosalie by Zalo

With its intricate detailing, 24K gold chain and handcrafted gold plated tip, this is the most beautiful rabbit vibe on the market. It has dual motors so you can get the perfect combination for your pleasure. Despite its power, it’s a quiet vibe. The Rosalie also has bluetooth capabilities, so you can connect it to your cell phone. It has eight vibration modes, and is made of velvety soft body-safe silicone, so it’s soft to the touch and easy to clean. As with all silicone toys, avoid using silicone lubes with it. It is USB rechargeable and waterproof.